Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KId Chriztmas Part II

Good news guys! The second part of Eric Arvin`s amazingly hot tale comes out today!

It includes part I and part II in the same e-book. An amazing story with a a humble contribution from me.
Now, a word of advice, don`t read this tale at your office or school. Unless you wanna spend all day hot and bothered. It`s a really steamy story, you`ll see what I mean

get your copy here

Ikasama, going for it

Look at him, chomping down that chubby...
Captain Ikasama just couldn`t resist that thick cock waving in front of him:P

That cel shading thing it`s really hard :S
I know it`s supposed to be a quicker form of rendering, but I still haven`t got the hang of it

Thursday, December 10, 2009

finally, time to breath

It`s been an awfully busy month. I haven`t been able to post for two reasons.
First, school was a killer this month. Ugh I know it`s supposed to be hard, but it`s like teachers deliberately want to fail students. So I`m really glad that`s over.
Second, Mr. Eric Arvin approached me to see if I would collaborate with him on his amazing XXXmas tale, part two. And even though I knew it would mean many late nite works, I just couldn`t resist!

I really liked the way the illustrations turned out, and I hope you guys will like them as well (Including a breeding/gang bang bar scene, yeouch)

Anyway, I`m back, and hope now I can finally finish all those WIPs

Ps: For some reason, I find it incredibly erotic when muscle guys make a full split, they look so slutty :P

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My new disney hunk

Yay, finally!
A new animated feature from Disney! No cg animation, no fugly bitches singing, pure and simple gorgeous animation.
And with a real hunk to booth!
Although Disney has got the occasional cutie (Hercules, Gaston, Tarzan) Prince Naveen is the first to reallymake me look twice.
Just look at that hair, that skin tone, that smile....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Best Bottom in Bikini Bottom!

Lol, I know it´s not exactly enticing, but the idea just cracked me up and had to do it...

Friday, October 16, 2009

See how happy he looks?

This is the second pic, hope I didn´t take too long in finish it.
It feels awkward to work with such vibrant colors but I´ m trying to stick with the anime´s palette, so tell me what you think, k?

I kinda liked Captain Ikamasa´s expression here,- oh wow! look at that! - he he he

Monday, October 5, 2009

sigh, I miss summer

We are already in mid-atumn, and even though it`s cooler and rainier, I still miss those long days of sun

I can`t get enough of shirtless hunks :P
God bless those shameless exhibitionists who wait all year long to show what they accomplished by training and dieting

That`s why, when I found this series I whispered, "thank you, finally something to get inspired!"

Nevermind all the broads parading ins swimsuits (maybe just that girl obssesed with watching naked dudes, she`s funny), but look at that fleshy goodness at 1:10!

I knew I had to draw some fanart for this
and well, I did
A full set of Captain Ikamasa getting his ass completely torn apart actually :P

I`ll post it as soon as I have time to finish it, meanwhile

Here`s the first pic of the set
hope you liked it

Thursday, August 27, 2009

diferent style, same theme

I suck at most natural media, honestly...
colored pencil I always get those horrible scratchy parts accross the picture
oils, they end up smudgey and messy
acrylic, arrrgh stupid solid colors never blend propertly
chalk, they end up looking like scribbles in the pavement
markers, ugh don`t make me go there

However, I kinda like watercolor :P
I like the softer almost-tranparent effect they give. It may not be the proper way to render bulging pectorals and sexy bubble butts but it kinda gives an innocent look to my pics (something a lot of people have noticed)

I`ve been experimenting with them a little and end up with this. I know it`s not prefect guys, but I kinda liked it and wanted to post it

Monday, August 24, 2009

art stolen!

Well, guess there`s always a first time
I had some pieces posted without my permission in one of those gay hentai sites.
I already wrote them hoping they will be kind enough to put them down, but I doubt they will listen :S

Now, I don`t mind when people display my work, it`s flattering when you have that kind of appreciation but I just don`t see how a site expects to make money out of pictures you can find anywhere on the web for free :P

Still, I think what bothers me the most is how many artists put a lot of effort in their works to have some asshole claim them as their own and charge people to see them...

- Sigh- if any of you know of a way to make this kind of thing not happen so often, I sure could appreciate the advice

Anyway, here`s another pic, hope it won`t get stolen -_-
in keeping with the soft theme, here`s a fighter character covering his privates ( Ryu reference aside), could there be a way to convince him to show his stuff?

Friday, August 21, 2009

and some softcore

I dunno why, but I lately I haven`t had that much interest in making hardcore pics...
somehow I feel that there`s a lot in common between us porn illustrators and porn directors, there`s only so many positions and angles you can try before it gettiong old,

Of course it`s still great to see a bunch of hunks blowing their loads over each other, but until I come accross something more fresh, I think I`m gonna give this milder theme a try

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weigh troom thoughts

I really like muscles. There`s nothing wrong with different body types, but I really prefer the view of the fully developed male physique. I think that`s pretty clear for the pics I make.
Naturally, I`ve always been a bodybuilding enthusiast, since I was a teen. I can`t say I remember staying away from the dumbells and pounding music for more than a week.

Now, I am a hard-gainer, nothing a few extra pounds on that barbell or an additional meal wouldn`t fix, or so I thought.
I know I`m not winning any Mr. Olympia title, but I`ve always thought I was ok.
Still, I can`t believe comments like - man, you look so skinny - can have such effect on oneself.
I sure hope it`s none of those muscle dysmoprhia issues and I`ve just been slacking on that diet :P

Btw, I haven`t been goofing off, I`ve just been recoloring some already finished pieces, so there are 2 of them in this post.
Pic ·1 is the same knight from my previous post. I think he`s getting desperate to get it on
Pic ·2 it`s my rendition of a fetish I so wish could be possible, Pec Fuck. Can you imagine how hot it would be to get a chest job from a set of juicy bulging pecs?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

spread em boy

hmmm, wonder what`s this fine gentleman asking for?
Nevermind the background, it was meant to be a middle ages tavern, with a knight getting drunk and horny but, meh

On a side note, I`ve been getting some comments and messages lately (specially from one person) regarding my style and the kind of stuff I draw and I would like to explain a few things right now:

First, It`s pretty obvious I have a thing for muscle art. While it`s true I draw above average muscularity, I try to stay away from the bulging blob with veins poping (no that there`s anything wrong with that :P)
I think my anatomy gives this impression because most of the shapes are round, even though I try to stick to the thumb rules of male anatomy (ok, maybe I take some liberties on the chest and butt)

Second, this is meant to be a FANTASY, same as a movie or videogame. Please don`t take it so seriously.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you like this pic

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Odin Sphere

Another pic, just because...
I so liked Odin Sphere fro PS2. I know it`s a side scroll but the story and the graphic were really amazing.
One of my favorite characters was Onyx, the king of flames. He appears as a villain, but he is the least evil of this game`s foes.
Plus, he`s just so hot!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

weird pic

I`m uploading this pic here as well as Y gallery, cuz I fear it might get banned over there :S
Anyway, I feel I have to give a little explanation about this pic.

When I was a horny teenager, I had one huge fetish, I wanted to feel a muscle dude`s chest real bad! So, when I would go to the park with my buddies, while they were drooling about blond bimbos jumping the rope, I was staring at those shirtless jocks jogging around.
I remembered thinking to myself - man, what if I sneak behind him, squeeze up his rack and then run like hell? -

Obviously, I never succeded, but it`s the basic idea for this image. (Oh, BTW, I didn`t look like the kid squeezing Russl`s pecs at all, lol)

Also, this is not shota guys! Relax! I`m sorry the guys didn`t end up looking older, but they are suppose to be 15 or 16

Saturday, June 6, 2009

another coloring practice

It`s funny how my teachers and fellow artists always say "less is more"
I need to remember this

Whenever I put a lot of time and detailing on a pic, it gets more confusing and hard to read.
However, if I do a pic just for fun, it always seems to end up better than I expected :P

This is Reinhadt Belmont (or my rendition of him) struggling to handle the Vampire Killer whip.
This is from one of the most underrated Castlevania, Legacy of Darkness.
It was one of few N64 games I liked. It was also, one of the last hunky castlevania characters before their long flowing hair and curly eyelashes phase. I think his right leg didn`t came out right, but hey, it was a 5 hours coloring XD
Hope you like it

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Kid on sale!

Finally, Eric Arvin`s amazing story, Kid Christmas meets Snow Globes is on sale! (this time, including a small contribution from me).

Lots of puns, bubble butts and slutty Santas inside!
You can get it in ebook form and booklet here

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Odd color practice

I think I may be a little bit rusted. I finally finished those dreaded finals and now I got the time to make more pics.
Now I sit and try to come with some pics and realize I can`t get a single color scheme right...
Composition looks bad, rendering sucks, sheesh
Dunno what it is, I think I shouldn`t stay away from coloring for too long.

Anyway, here`s Cray pleasuring his manpussy...
I don`t know if this counts as furry, but I really like Cray (BoF IV) and Rei (BoF III). So burly and strong, with that wild tiger quality to them. You just know they must be beasts in bed

Thursday, May 7, 2009

a word about requests

I like requests, not as much as art trades, but I really like when someone approaches and says "hey, I think you would like this or that series" or "I think your style would be great for such and such... " I have even worked on other people`s OC once or twice, mainly cus their characters sound interesting or sexy or appealing...

What I don`t dig, it`s when people I have never met approaches and goes - hey, make me a pic of my Oc! -

- hmmm, why? -

I don`t mean to be rude, but please explain to me why should I spent 2 or 3 days in front of a pc making a picture of a doodle you spent 5 minutes making on paint?

I have even received requests saying that if I`m low on creativity, I may use some of his/her characters as long as I give proper credit....

Guess I`m just rambling, but it was something that crossed my mind these last days...

anyway, thanks for reading, here`s a little pic of Vahn showing his best atributes

lol, I love this guy

Monday, April 27, 2009

more RE5 fan art

I love Sheva, and I love Jill. I really have something for strong female characters.
I know it would`ve been WAY better to have another hunk following Chris around, but the gals do a great job too!
Plus, I don`t know if I`m the only one noticing, but I see Chris overly polite and cold. That`s when I thought: of course!, here`s the story of man and his hags!

Ps: just a rambling, does anyone notice Jill resembling Jodie Foster? That, and the looks Jill and Sheva trade at the end.... makes me think none is interested in Chris`s hot bod

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kid Christmas illustrated story

hey guys!
Thank you very much for your interest in this tale, it is a great story and I`m sure you`ll all love it.
However, I must apologize for any confusion....
Even though the story it`s already written, the editor house hasn`t added the illustrations yet. So, if you want both the story and the pics, please wait a little longer.
That said, neither the author (Eric Arvin) nor me have any saying on when the story and the pics will be realeased, but we will post the link as soon it`s available

Again, sorry for any confusion, please accept this complementary Chris Redfield porn...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

random thoughts....

I have always asked myself, why are str8 guys so insecure?

Most of my buddies are str8, guess I just feel better around guys, but why is it that everytime you mention you r gay, guys get wary of you? What`s more, why is always the ugliest guy the one who feels threatned?

I mean, yeah, pretty obvious, despite gay men being the ones obssesed with their looks, they workout and use skin care products, you will go after the greasy pizza faced guy? C'mon, how low it`s their self steem

On the other hand, the hottest guy, who`s always surrounded by girls, doesn`t give a crap you being gay or straight....hmmmm

Oh, and random pic...
I was wondering, If I was an event planner, how would I dress those ushers and waiters?
I think I would go for choice F

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

that BANNED pic

it`s not that big deal, it was removed for having a female...
Someone requested me posting this pic here, although I have seen this pic floating around the web

I have nothing against Y gallery ToS, I did got mad at the time, but I agree with them on not having females as main point, after all, nearly every porny art piece has a female focus.

I seem to have something for exhibitionist guys, that`s why I came up with this pic. It`s not very good, but hope you like it:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kid Christmas

When I was in high school, one of my major turn ons was gay erotic stories, specially those with a musclebound hunk gettin plowed from every angle. So, when Eric Arvin from Daventry Blue ( me to make pictures for one of his stories, I said yes right away.

And I`m glad I did, that tale was Kid Christmas....
Basically, dear ol Santa has passed away. and his replacement it`s this incredibly hot power bottom, with an ass to endure it. He`s named new Santa, and from then it`s one muscle butt fucking scene after another!

From the Kid showing off his muscles at the workshop, to the attack of the ice dildos, everthing about this story kept me tight in the pants.

I made these pics for it, you can see the full uncensored versions if you purchase it, but trust me, the tale is way better!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

a year older....

So I turned 24 last week, and I gotta say, I don`t feel that much different. I got friends over 24 feeling they are too old for clubbing, or even going out for some beer.
Maybe it`s just me, but I don`t feel like there`s any difference from when you turn 20 to the time you turn 30, well, perhaps a bit buffer lol

Anyway, haven`t been posting at all, I can`t believe I don`t have any time to work on some porn guys, but I`ll try to make some time, specially since I still have that 500 000 kiriban pending

and now, slutty boy, clothes on

and now slutty boy, clothes off!