Thursday, June 18, 2009

Odin Sphere

Another pic, just because...
I so liked Odin Sphere fro PS2. I know it`s a side scroll but the story and the graphic were really amazing.
One of my favorite characters was Onyx, the king of flames. He appears as a villain, but he is the least evil of this game`s foes.
Plus, he`s just so hot!



WTJohn said...

That is way Awesome!!!
good job

Eric Arvin said...

Very cool!

alessandro said...


SoupGoblin said...

Dude, I loooooved Odin Sphere! You're right, Onyx WAS hot (not just literally either) and I was always checking him out during his story scenes.

The other guy that got me boned was absurdly-beefy Brigan. ;3

DinosaurPrince said...

Side Scrollers are the best games ever! Neat picture.

Abs said...

Thank you very much!

Eric Arvin:

lol! thank you

I know!! great game
I really didn`t like Brigan though, there was something about those tiny legs...

Thanks man!

damianj said...

Great fun in this art piece. The body rocks!

Damian & Trent

Chynyll said...

*laughs* I loved Odin Sphere. I'm replaying it now!