Monday, October 5, 2009

sigh, I miss summer

We are already in mid-atumn, and even though it`s cooler and rainier, I still miss those long days of sun

I can`t get enough of shirtless hunks :P
God bless those shameless exhibitionists who wait all year long to show what they accomplished by training and dieting

That`s why, when I found this series I whispered, "thank you, finally something to get inspired!"

Nevermind all the broads parading ins swimsuits (maybe just that girl obssesed with watching naked dudes, she`s funny), but look at that fleshy goodness at 1:10!

I knew I had to draw some fanart for this
and well, I did
A full set of Captain Ikamasa getting his ass completely torn apart actually :P

I`ll post it as soon as I have time to finish it, meanwhile

Here`s the first pic of the set
hope you liked it


Eric Arvin said...

Yay! New Bleu! I'll be on pins and needles to see the finished set.

Psychodan said...

He's a LOT hotter now that you've drawn him! LOL

WTJohn said...

Im loving it
i miss the shirtless hunks too
thats the only thing i miss about summer
Fall and Winter are my seasons
i feel more alive ^_^

DEVILMAN said...

I hate summer cause its too hot in the city and hunks usually are fully clothed xD

OMG the girl turns into a fish Dx!!! Great job! This guy is really cute but he looks incredible hawt in your style x3~

SoupGoblin said...

Hah! Ikamasa, awesome! If you're interested, Bleu, I exhaustively screencapped this series a little while back for every appearance this guy makes. You can find them divided into two posts here:

Abs said...

Eric Arvin:
Lol, thank you!
I`ll try not to tae too long on finish it

I liked the guy, so I took some liberties with the bod :P

He he he
Yeah, not missing the heat too much either

He still looks like the anime right?

Wow, awesome dude!
Thank you very much for those caps, you don`t know how useful they were :P

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