Monday, August 24, 2009

art stolen!

Well, guess there`s always a first time
I had some pieces posted without my permission in one of those gay hentai sites.
I already wrote them hoping they will be kind enough to put them down, but I doubt they will listen :S

Now, I don`t mind when people display my work, it`s flattering when you have that kind of appreciation but I just don`t see how a site expects to make money out of pictures you can find anywhere on the web for free :P

Still, I think what bothers me the most is how many artists put a lot of effort in their works to have some asshole claim them as their own and charge people to see them...

- Sigh- if any of you know of a way to make this kind of thing not happen so often, I sure could appreciate the advice

Anyway, here`s another pic, hope it won`t get stolen -_-
in keeping with the soft theme, here`s a fighter character covering his privates ( Ryu reference aside), could there be a way to convince him to show his stuff?


WTJohn said...

im scared of that happening to me.
i hope they will be nice enough to do that for you.

witomski said...

If its a google Blogger, they need to remove it or report it to Google. Is your work copyrighted? It really needs to be. I am truly sorry this has happened to you....Joe

timldn said...

This is the worst type of theft. All fellow artists should notify others when we find this happening. I know when I have contacted artists and told them they have been very grateful.
None of us have a problem with people admiring it, or even hating it. Just respect the artists.

Eric Arvin said...

Ugh! What asshats! You can threaten to sue if you've copyrighted. Btw, can I use this image as a Hot Shot at a future date? ;-)

Abs said...

Well, luckily they were!
I received an email telling me they would take them down. We really need to be careful with our works :S

Unfortunatley , I don`t have my stuff copyrighted :S
I really should, even if I had just a digital watermark, cuz right now all I`m using it`s a small logo

My thoughts exactly, we don`t earn any cash for posting our work, it`s only natural it should be shared for free as well

Eric Arvin:
You know I was tempted to do just that! But it seemed they reacted well to politeness, so there was no need.

Of course you can use the pic in your blog! I`d be honored!!

Iceman Blue said...

wow, he's just so cute here!

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