Thursday, August 27, 2009

diferent style, same theme

I suck at most natural media, honestly...
colored pencil I always get those horrible scratchy parts accross the picture
oils, they end up smudgey and messy
acrylic, arrrgh stupid solid colors never blend propertly
chalk, they end up looking like scribbles in the pavement
markers, ugh don`t make me go there

However, I kinda like watercolor :P
I like the softer almost-tranparent effect they give. It may not be the proper way to render bulging pectorals and sexy bubble butts but it kinda gives an innocent look to my pics (something a lot of people have noticed)

I`ve been experimenting with them a little and end up with this. I know it`s not prefect guys, but I kinda liked it and wanted to post it

Monday, August 24, 2009

art stolen!

Well, guess there`s always a first time
I had some pieces posted without my permission in one of those gay hentai sites.
I already wrote them hoping they will be kind enough to put them down, but I doubt they will listen :S

Now, I don`t mind when people display my work, it`s flattering when you have that kind of appreciation but I just don`t see how a site expects to make money out of pictures you can find anywhere on the web for free :P

Still, I think what bothers me the most is how many artists put a lot of effort in their works to have some asshole claim them as their own and charge people to see them...

- Sigh- if any of you know of a way to make this kind of thing not happen so often, I sure could appreciate the advice

Anyway, here`s another pic, hope it won`t get stolen -_-
in keeping with the soft theme, here`s a fighter character covering his privates ( Ryu reference aside), could there be a way to convince him to show his stuff?

Friday, August 21, 2009

and some softcore

I dunno why, but I lately I haven`t had that much interest in making hardcore pics...
somehow I feel that there`s a lot in common between us porn illustrators and porn directors, there`s only so many positions and angles you can try before it gettiong old,

Of course it`s still great to see a bunch of hunks blowing their loads over each other, but until I come accross something more fresh, I think I`m gonna give this milder theme a try