Thursday, May 7, 2009

a word about requests

I like requests, not as much as art trades, but I really like when someone approaches and says "hey, I think you would like this or that series" or "I think your style would be great for such and such... " I have even worked on other people`s OC once or twice, mainly cus their characters sound interesting or sexy or appealing...

What I don`t dig, it`s when people I have never met approaches and goes - hey, make me a pic of my Oc! -

- hmmm, why? -

I don`t mean to be rude, but please explain to me why should I spent 2 or 3 days in front of a pc making a picture of a doodle you spent 5 minutes making on paint?

I have even received requests saying that if I`m low on creativity, I may use some of his/her characters as long as I give proper credit....

Guess I`m just rambling, but it was something that crossed my mind these last days...

anyway, thanks for reading, here`s a little pic of Vahn showing his best atributes

lol, I love this guy


FMX said...

LOL I know exactly what you are talking about when people u don't know ask for requests. I get it all the time but honestly I never have time to do them. But we should do another art trade or something. i would love to see my Dragon King character in your style!

Le-MonMon said...

hello I like very much your work! I added your blog to my links please visit my ^ _ ^

Abs said...

I know! lol
Sometimes you don`t even know how to finish your own projects to have people piling it up on you.
But yeah, I would just love to make another art trade, man

Hey, thank you very much!
You have some amazing style! Hope to see more from you

aditya kombra said...

Heya, I'm totally in love with your work!!! And speaking of suggestions, check out this comic book called Ravanayan... it's this indian superhero comic series based on hindu mythology! You'd be surprised at how homoerotic hinduism is... haha... it'd be so awesome if you did something based on that!!
Once again, huge fan!!!