Friday, August 21, 2009

and some softcore

I dunno why, but I lately I haven`t had that much interest in making hardcore pics...
somehow I feel that there`s a lot in common between us porn illustrators and porn directors, there`s only so many positions and angles you can try before it gettiong old,

Of course it`s still great to see a bunch of hunks blowing their loads over each other, but until I come accross something more fresh, I think I`m gonna give this milder theme a try


Eric Arvin said...

Stunning, as always.

WTJohn said...

i been feeling like that too, lately.
so i just been doing some clean work.
i guess its nice to mix it up
here and there.

JayCeeLoop said...

Amazing!! beautiful work. Softcore, hardcore, your work is always mind blowing.

witomski said...

Stunning and stimulating....although, I am very partial to your more hard-core, muscle works....Joe

FMX said...

Yeah I have the oposite problem. I have a hard time drawing sex scense. I have trouble with putting more then one character in the image. But now I am trying to do more sex images. Your solo stuff is just as hot though.

Abs said...

Eric Arvin:
Thank you very much!

yeah, sorta like a change of perspective. it seems to be working, I`m not so blocked anymore

Aww, thank you so much!!

he he
I know, I also prefer harder themes, I just seem to be bored right now

You think so?
Cuz I really don`t see it, in those hard pics I`ve seen from you, they look really natural and sexy..
That Vagrant Story pic is still my all time favourite!