Tuesday, June 16, 2009

weird pic

I`m uploading this pic here as well as Y gallery, cuz I fear it might get banned over there :S
Anyway, I feel I have to give a little explanation about this pic.

When I was a horny teenager, I had one huge fetish, I wanted to feel a muscle dude`s chest real bad! So, when I would go to the park with my buddies, while they were drooling about blond bimbos jumping the rope, I was staring at those shirtless jocks jogging around.
I remembered thinking to myself - man, what if I sneak behind him, squeeze up his rack and then run like hell? -

Obviously, I never succeded, but it`s the basic idea for this image. (Oh, BTW, I didn`t look like the kid squeezing Russl`s pecs at all, lol)

Also, this is not shota guys! Relax! I`m sorry the guys didn`t end up looking older, but they are suppose to be 15 or 16


Gay Comic Geek said...

LOL< now that is an interesting pic! I still love it!

FMX said...

LOL I fantasy about the same thing all the time. I am very much a chest man. My boyfriend has a some what big chest and I am always groping him. he gets pretty annoyed. LOL

Abs said...

Gay comic geek:
Thanks a lot!

wow you too??
Maaan, I`m jealous ha ha ha

WTJohn said...

i fantasize that too.
good job ^_^

JC said...

yeah, with your explanation, it totally makes sense-- even if it is a teensy bit risque. Awse that the young ones are the ones in charge here.

As a kid tho, I had much more of a lips/mouth fetish. Used to ALWAYS get caught staring. I woulda been the kid feeding him the popsicle...

Chubtoons said...

Everyone acts like we suddenly turn 18 and the magic sexuality switch turns on. I remember salivating over my parents' hidden porn stash when I was ten. They had this huge rubber dildo with bulging veins and everything. At the time it seemed impossibly big; but I bet I could make short work of it these days.

bodstart3 said...

wow! I use to have the same fantasy when i was young i imagine myself as the kid rubbing his pecs! lol and then take off their shoes and smell his sweaty socks,,

damianj said...

We agree that the kids are verrrrry aware of what they're doing. And what they're doing is what a lot of us dreamed about when we were teens. Hot play with a hot bod!

Damian & Trent

laurent said...

I had the same fantasies at that age. I think a lot of guys do. Its not weird really just part of life.