Saturday, April 4, 2009

random thoughts....

I have always asked myself, why are str8 guys so insecure?

Most of my buddies are str8, guess I just feel better around guys, but why is it that everytime you mention you r gay, guys get wary of you? What`s more, why is always the ugliest guy the one who feels threatned?

I mean, yeah, pretty obvious, despite gay men being the ones obssesed with their looks, they workout and use skin care products, you will go after the greasy pizza faced guy? C'mon, how low it`s their self steem

On the other hand, the hottest guy, who`s always surrounded by girls, doesn`t give a crap you being gay or straight....hmmmm

Oh, and random pic...
I was wondering, If I was an event planner, how would I dress those ushers and waiters?
I think I would go for choice F


Psychodan said...

Your absolutely right, all my straight friends that get a little homophobic are people I would never hit on haha.
PS: I like "F" a lot too, but I think I would start with "C" & work my way to "F" XD

FMX said...

I don't really hang out with any st8 men. I find a lot of them rather annoying. But that is usually the stereotypical types. But I have met a lot of cool ones...and they all did tend to be good looking.

Oh and I love all the costumes. I think all of them should be used. That way every guy is showing some skin but still looks different from each other. I am drooling over all these images!

Eric Arvin said...

In college, I hung out with a lot of straight football jocks. The best looking ones were always the most fun to hang with. I even got a kiss from a They were actually my defenders if someone said something about me behind my back.

Anonymous said...

hi, blueboy! i stumbled upon your blog over the class comics’ artistic licence website. i really love your artwork! added your blog to my blogroll! ^_^ kisses from an italian fan

Qwertyrulz said...

All my straight friends SEEM to be comfortable about my liking men (though I guess it helps that I like women, too. XD)

I go for C top, with either E or F bottom...
F for adult only, though. ;)

Abs said...

@psychodan: ha ha, so I´m not the only one! and yeah, F it´s supposed to be the goal.

@FMX: Well, I wish I had as many gay friends as str8ones, but most of the guys around fall into the stereotype as well, lol! Glad you liked the costumes, I really dig the whole chippendale outfits ;P

@Eric Arvin: Lol, I know!
Most of my current buddies are my former teammates from highschool!

@andrea madalena: Thank you very much, I´m really glad you liked my work

@Qwertylulz: Ooh, C top and F bottom? Thats some hot combo!!

Anonymous said...

I think the reason the most unattractive of the group feel threatened IS because of self-esteem and self-awareness.

Think about it.

They have to know on some level that they aren't "The Catch of the Day" and in most cultures that maligns you already, even though you don't want to be.

Then here comes another person who is maligned by society, a gay man who is moreorless coping with that malignment and not pretending to be something else, and they're in the same place as you.

The fear of associating with someone that will set you a part from the crowd even MORE would be terrifying! I think the word is hypostasis or something? This time though it'd be the FEAR of becoming one with a category in society. Not necessarily gay but just "different"

Thank about the women who like gay sex (oh yes, they're there. You know it) and the ones who revile it...and then feel bad about it. There's always that question mark whenever they make a declarative sentence:

"I just don't like that kind of thing." Question Mark

"All my friends like Yaoi but, I just can't get into it." QUESTION MARK

They're afraid that if they're like the girls okay with gay sex then their femininity is in question. Not femininity as a specifically gender or sex oriented thing but her as a "normal female" comes into question. Would she want longer be exactly "normal" and throwdown with that kind of malignment?

And yes...I talk...too much.

T. said...

you're the best!
your drawing are hot and cool, my favorites, do you use "painter"?

Abs said...

thank you very much!
Yeah, in this pic, I used Painter for main coloring. I added some details in photoshop later

damianj said...

We're late in commenting, but we have to thank you for this hot set. Amazing.

As to the straight guys thing, we notice that hunky guys tend to hang with hunky guys. NOT coincidence. "Straight", then? Maybe, but maybe not. One thing sure is that hunky guys obviously like to be with hunky guys.

Damian & Trent

BubbleButtLuvr said...

I have to agree with what you say about the least attractive of the straight guys thinking he is in the most "danger" of being hit on. I've seen it time and again.

As for your art work I love all of the. I really like B and being a thong/gstring guy E but I think I would use them all. Have different guys in different outfits at different places in the event. Keep it interesting.