Thursday, August 27, 2009

diferent style, same theme

I suck at most natural media, honestly...
colored pencil I always get those horrible scratchy parts accross the picture
oils, they end up smudgey and messy
acrylic, arrrgh stupid solid colors never blend propertly
chalk, they end up looking like scribbles in the pavement
markers, ugh don`t make me go there

However, I kinda like watercolor :P
I like the softer almost-tranparent effect they give. It may not be the proper way to render bulging pectorals and sexy bubble butts but it kinda gives an innocent look to my pics (something a lot of people have noticed)

I`ve been experimenting with them a little and end up with this. I know it`s not prefect guys, but I kinda liked it and wanted to post it


Eric Arvin said...

Gorgeous! I'm gonna have to commission a wall painting from you some day ;-)

Anonymous said...

i really like and find the background interesting.

WTJohn said...

havent tried the coloring technique before.
pens, pencils and color pencils are my thing.

you did a good job on this
im loving it ^_^

witomski said...

Beautiful as usual. Gives a feel of a work in progress...Joe

damianj said...

Great use of waters. Your guy has a fantastic bod, & the softness of the colors makes him very appealing.

Damian & Trent

Anonymous said...

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Keep up the good work

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Baralust said...

Amazing and hot drawing!

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