Tuesday, March 24, 2009

that BANNED pic

it`s not that big deal, it was removed for having a female...
Someone requested me posting this pic here, although I have seen this pic floating around the web

I have nothing against Y gallery ToS, I did got mad at the time, but I agree with them on not having females as main point, after all, nearly every porny art piece has a female focus.

I seem to have something for exhibitionist guys, that`s why I came up with this pic. It`s not very good, but hope you like it:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kid Christmas

When I was in high school, one of my major turn ons was gay erotic stories, specially those with a musclebound hunk gettin plowed from every angle. So, when Eric Arvin from Daventry Blue (http://daventryblue.blogspot.com/)approached me to make pictures for one of his stories, I said yes right away.

And I`m glad I did, that tale was Kid Christmas....
Basically, dear ol Santa has passed away. and his replacement it`s this incredibly hot power bottom, with an ass to endure it. He`s named new Santa, and from then it`s one muscle butt fucking scene after another!

From the Kid showing off his muscles at the workshop, to the attack of the ice dildos, everthing about this story kept me tight in the pants.

I made these pics for it, you can see the full uncensored versions if you purchase it, but trust me, the tale is way better!