Friday, May 29, 2009

The Kid on sale!

Finally, Eric Arvin`s amazing story, Kid Christmas meets Snow Globes is on sale! (this time, including a small contribution from me).

Lots of puns, bubble butts and slutty Santas inside!
You can get it in ebook form and booklet here


Eric Arvin said...

Oooooh! I forgot you had done this one. Hot!!

alessandro said...

ive buyed it :3 i love it!! beautiful and fucking hot story and images xD

Wonder Man said...

hot part 2

FMX said...

Ordered a phisical copy of one last week. Have not gotten it in the mail yet but I am excited to see it.

Abs said...

Eric Arvin:
Yeah, I kinda liked the pose, I wanted to see it colored :P

I`m glad to hear that! Hope you enjoyed the story as much as I did!

Wonder Man:
well, maybe. who knows?

You did? aw man, that`s great! Please tell me your impression as soon as you get it!XD

J said...

Hey Absolutbleu! Nice to see you have a blog, I started one just recently. Spoken to Chris recently? If you do tell him Red misses him.

Your art is still as good as ever, so I don't need to comment :)