Thursday, June 25, 2009

spread em boy

hmmm, wonder what`s this fine gentleman asking for?
Nevermind the background, it was meant to be a middle ages tavern, with a knight getting drunk and horny but, meh

On a side note, I`ve been getting some comments and messages lately (specially from one person) regarding my style and the kind of stuff I draw and I would like to explain a few things right now:

First, It`s pretty obvious I have a thing for muscle art. While it`s true I draw above average muscularity, I try to stay away from the bulging blob with veins poping (no that there`s anything wrong with that :P)
I think my anatomy gives this impression because most of the shapes are round, even though I try to stick to the thumb rules of male anatomy (ok, maybe I take some liberties on the chest and butt)

Second, this is meant to be a FANTASY, same as a movie or videogame. Please don`t take it so seriously.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you like this pic

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Odin Sphere

Another pic, just because...
I so liked Odin Sphere fro PS2. I know it`s a side scroll but the story and the graphic were really amazing.
One of my favorite characters was Onyx, the king of flames. He appears as a villain, but he is the least evil of this game`s foes.
Plus, he`s just so hot!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

weird pic

I`m uploading this pic here as well as Y gallery, cuz I fear it might get banned over there :S
Anyway, I feel I have to give a little explanation about this pic.

When I was a horny teenager, I had one huge fetish, I wanted to feel a muscle dude`s chest real bad! So, when I would go to the park with my buddies, while they were drooling about blond bimbos jumping the rope, I was staring at those shirtless jocks jogging around.
I remembered thinking to myself - man, what if I sneak behind him, squeeze up his rack and then run like hell? -

Obviously, I never succeded, but it`s the basic idea for this image. (Oh, BTW, I didn`t look like the kid squeezing Russl`s pecs at all, lol)

Also, this is not shota guys! Relax! I`m sorry the guys didn`t end up looking older, but they are suppose to be 15 or 16

Saturday, June 6, 2009

another coloring practice

It`s funny how my teachers and fellow artists always say "less is more"
I need to remember this

Whenever I put a lot of time and detailing on a pic, it gets more confusing and hard to read.
However, if I do a pic just for fun, it always seems to end up better than I expected :P

This is Reinhadt Belmont (or my rendition of him) struggling to handle the Vampire Killer whip.
This is from one of the most underrated Castlevania, Legacy of Darkness.
It was one of few N64 games I liked. It was also, one of the last hunky castlevania characters before their long flowing hair and curly eyelashes phase. I think his right leg didn`t came out right, but hey, it was a 5 hours coloring XD
Hope you like it