Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weigh troom thoughts

I really like muscles. There`s nothing wrong with different body types, but I really prefer the view of the fully developed male physique. I think that`s pretty clear for the pics I make.
Naturally, I`ve always been a bodybuilding enthusiast, since I was a teen. I can`t say I remember staying away from the dumbells and pounding music for more than a week.

Now, I am a hard-gainer, nothing a few extra pounds on that barbell or an additional meal wouldn`t fix, or so I thought.
I know I`m not winning any Mr. Olympia title, but I`ve always thought I was ok.
Still, I can`t believe comments like - man, you look so skinny - can have such effect on oneself.
I sure hope it`s none of those muscle dysmoprhia issues and I`ve just been slacking on that diet :P

Btw, I haven`t been goofing off, I`ve just been recoloring some already finished pieces, so there are 2 of them in this post.
Pic ·1 is the same knight from my previous post. I think he`s getting desperate to get it on
Pic ·2 it`s my rendition of a fetish I so wish could be possible, Pec Fuck. Can you imagine how hot it would be to get a chest job from a set of juicy bulging pecs?