Monday, April 27, 2009

more RE5 fan art

I love Sheva, and I love Jill. I really have something for strong female characters.
I know it would`ve been WAY better to have another hunk following Chris around, but the gals do a great job too!
Plus, I don`t know if I`m the only one noticing, but I see Chris overly polite and cold. That`s when I thought: of course!, here`s the story of man and his hags!

Ps: just a rambling, does anyone notice Jill resembling Jodie Foster? That, and the looks Jill and Sheva trade at the end.... makes me think none is interested in Chris`s hot bod


FMX said...

Yum I just love your version of Chris. What a hottie I must say.

DEVILMAN said...

Oh my......this pic is awsome xD

I love both Jill and Sheva too...tougth at first i hated Sheva (i wanted Jill back) but she turns out a cool girl!!

Well.....actually, Jill and Chris has been together for years, have been partners and they can risk theyr life for each other (Chris triying to find Jill and Jill fighting agaisn W.)

And yet they are not a couple, they are just best friends, partners.......also Sheva is a hot girl yet Chris never ever tried to be charming with her, not even a little....

I dunno but but in my opinion Chris may have other tastes x)

Abs said...

Thank you very much!
I was worried no one would recognize him


lol, I know!!
That`s something I like about him!
Compared to Leon, Chris it`s so cold to ladies, you cant help to wonder

xomiyuox said...

Lol Awesome work! The idea of Sheva calling Chris "gurl" is really funny. lol

And... yay!! So I'm not just imagining things about Chris... I actually really liked Chris and Jill together back in RE1... but then... In RE5 Chris is frantically lookin for Jill then he finds her and is like, Yay!! Okay we're done now... He really just doesn't seem to care at all about either her or Sheva in that way. No looks, no jokes, no nothing.

And I was telling my friend the other day that it seemed more like Jill and Sheva were interested in each other than in Chris lol.

I've been a bit worried thinking that maybe I'm just imagining things cuz I want Chris for myself (lol) so I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees his rather odd reactions toward the hot ladies around him.

Abs said...

ha ha ha
yeah, it`s kinda odd if you ask me...

Considering most of Capcom`s males are real dogs (Leon, Dante, Billy Cohen...)

it was kinda obvious too. "great muscles + good hair + tight clothes + little interest for females = aww c`mon"

so RE5 is the tale of a fag and his hag