Monday, January 25, 2010

the new soccer captain

Just what the team needed to get their spirit up

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bayonetta fanart

I normally go for games with a great story, emotionally charged characters or even a hunky protagonist - this game has none of that...
It does have the most absolutely fabulous femme fatale.

A lot of people call this game Devil May Cry with tits. That`s probably true. But to me this one is so much better, The whole witch/model/pole dancer was enough to keep me enticed, add the awesome amount of faggy attacks (demon stiletto heels falling from the sky? anyone?) cat fights every 3 hours... - man, this is Americas Next Top Model Xbox port-

And of course, aside from that killer outfit, outrageous hair and unapologetic sexual gimmicks, Bayonetta has the most perfect kabooze ever to grace a home entertainment system (yeah, I know I`m gay, but I`m also an ass man, and I recognize a work of art when I see one :P)

For added fun, try playing this in a room full of unsuspecting gay males, I guarantee it won`t be more than 1 hour ' fore the "gurrl!!" or " work it sista" screaming begin