Thursday, July 22, 2010

Junpei fan art

This is Junpei Ryuzouji from an old anime called those who hunt elves.
I`ve seen an image of him flashing his healthy butt floating around the net, but oddly, not one porn pic of him

So if any of you guys have seen any harder pic of this fine lad, I`d very appreciate if you could point them out to me

Meanwhile, here`s my contribuition to a sadly overlooked anihunk


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Very old sketch redone

The very very first game that blew my mind was Chrono Trigger. It was awesome at the time, plus I was all about Toriyama`s musclebound men.
I remember getting really upset when my cartridge died on me and found out the game was more scarce than diamonds.

Then came Chrono Cross, the sequel. I got hyped, played half an hour and dropped it.
Ugh, some of the worst character design ever. The gameplay itself was fun, but I just couldn`t get over Nobuteru Yuki`s ugly characters. Granted his art is more sophisticated than Toriyama`s, it didn`t cut it for me

So, in a game barren of visually appealing characters, I got happy when I found out Guile and Zoah

Guile I liked most. I always pictured his outfit was sheer, and under the appropiate lighting you could see the good stuff:P

Friday, July 9, 2010

do anything you want to...

I made this pic for a new Y! Gallery banner, but I liked the way it turned out so I posted it here.

Usually, when I work on a pic I try to listen some track to kinda get the juices flowing.
However, from time to time this leaves a feeling of such song on the final image, or at least that`s the impression I get, lol.

In this case, it was the - you could do anything you want to...- lyric from 009 Sound System`s Dreamscape that inspired this composition.

Hope you guys like it