Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Now, a little poll

So, I got word from a friend he feels I may be shying away from harder stuff.
I love both hardcore and noodz, but he may have a point in that I haven´t drawn hard stuff in a while
So, post your thoughts, what would you rather see here?
Naked guys or guys getting down and dirty

Post your answer, get a cookie!

Ok, no cookie.
Get a pair of buns instead!

Man, I love ocean´s colors

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Your wish is our command"

Lol XD

First of all guys,I´d like to thank you for your support/comments in my previous post.
I really appreciate all the input I received , it helped a lot

So, I wanted to present a gift to you. These couple of freaks are from a show I saw a very very long time ago, Magic Knights Rayearth.

And yes, look at those pecs, they "look like breasts"!!. Look at them rubbing their racks together mwa ha ha ha

Again, thank you guys, hope you like it

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breasts and pecs controversy

So, yet again, Y Gallery´s new mods anatomical unknowledge or narrow mindedness has , uh, "censored me" , I guess.

I mean, I know it has happened to us all. We are on the beach, the locker room or showers and we see a guy with huge pecs, and our first reaction is to rush to them and put a towel over their racks.
- Excuse me miss, cover that up!-
Never happened? oh....

I would like explain my point, in case any of Y' s mod happens to stumble around here.

Breasts and Pecs
I know there might be some confusion on this. But they are not so hard to tell apart if you know them. Now dear readers, please be warned this might be a bit graphic, but it´s all for the sake of making an argument, I promise :P

These are breasts
They are made mostly of fatty tissue. Therefore, their dynamics are very specific. They hang and sag very much in the fashion of a water filled balloon. Granted there are different types of breasts, you can always guess they are FEMALE for their pear shape and soft and puffy nature.

Now, Pecs are a completely different story.
While most people are familiar with fairly flat chests in males, the developed pectoral muscle is also a part of male anatomy, one I`m particularly fond of, and has a very different shape than breasts
Male pectorals are made of muscle and fat, we all know that. But I wonder if these kids at Y know how muscle actually behaves?
When relaxed, these muscles become softer and bulge, very much in the same way the hamstring hangs while we are sitting.

Took this awesome pic from Eric Arvin´s blog, hope he doesn´t mind

We bara enthusiasts love our muscular man, and we tend to exaggerate those body parts we find particularly attractive, in this case the chest

Now guys, I know most of us, if not all of us, recognize the huge difference between this and this.

Now, I hope you understand where I`m coming from about being upset for having this piece removed for, once again," giving him female breasts"

I broke a rule about characters needed to be explicitly male, and this image is "very misleading".
Protip: When in doubt, check the thing between the legs, that should clear it

This may come as a shock, from a site that has a cross-dressing niche.

As of now, I`m temporarily banned from Y.
I used to love Y gallery. I know a lot of people hated Snover, but I don´t remember things being as bad as they are now.
Most of the people I watched are gone now, there only remains very few good artists. The only reason I post there is because of all the nice people I`ve met, and the support they gave this perv when I had my first attempts at posting bara art.
Such a great site under such management :(