Wednesday, December 16, 2009

KId Chriztmas Part II

Good news guys! The second part of Eric Arvin`s amazingly hot tale comes out today!

It includes part I and part II in the same e-book. An amazing story with a a humble contribution from me.
Now, a word of advice, don`t read this tale at your office or school. Unless you wanna spend all day hot and bothered. It`s a really steamy story, you`ll see what I mean

get your copy here

Ikasama, going for it

Look at him, chomping down that chubby...
Captain Ikasama just couldn`t resist that thick cock waving in front of him:P

That cel shading thing it`s really hard :S
I know it`s supposed to be a quicker form of rendering, but I still haven`t got the hang of it

Thursday, December 10, 2009

finally, time to breath

It`s been an awfully busy month. I haven`t been able to post for two reasons.
First, school was a killer this month. Ugh I know it`s supposed to be hard, but it`s like teachers deliberately want to fail students. So I`m really glad that`s over.
Second, Mr. Eric Arvin approached me to see if I would collaborate with him on his amazing XXXmas tale, part two. And even though I knew it would mean many late nite works, I just couldn`t resist!

I really liked the way the illustrations turned out, and I hope you guys will like them as well (Including a breeding/gang bang bar scene, yeouch)

Anyway, I`m back, and hope now I can finally finish all those WIPs

Ps: For some reason, I find it incredibly erotic when muscle guys make a full split, they look so slutty :P

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My new disney hunk

Yay, finally!
A new animated feature from Disney! No cg animation, no fugly bitches singing, pure and simple gorgeous animation.
And with a real hunk to booth!
Although Disney has got the occasional cutie (Hercules, Gaston, Tarzan) Prince Naveen is the first to reallymake me look twice.
Just look at that hair, that skin tone, that smile....