Saturday, June 6, 2009

another coloring practice

It`s funny how my teachers and fellow artists always say "less is more"
I need to remember this

Whenever I put a lot of time and detailing on a pic, it gets more confusing and hard to read.
However, if I do a pic just for fun, it always seems to end up better than I expected :P

This is Reinhadt Belmont (or my rendition of him) struggling to handle the Vampire Killer whip.
This is from one of the most underrated Castlevania, Legacy of Darkness.
It was one of few N64 games I liked. It was also, one of the last hunky castlevania characters before their long flowing hair and curly eyelashes phase. I think his right leg didn`t came out right, but hey, it was a 5 hours coloring XD
Hope you like it


Eric Arvin said...

Lawdy! That's hot!

Michael Rivers said...

It's great! Thanks for sharing.

Gay Comic Geek said...

That is so freaking hot!

Abs said...

Eric Arvin:
Haha! Thank you very much!

Michael Rivers:
Thanks, I`m glad you liked it

Gay Comic Geek:
Thank you very much man

FMX said...

Hot as always. Oh I read all of Kid Christmas. It was funny and pretty cute. Of course the art work was the best part.

Eric Arvin said...

Re: FMX comment - Don't mind me. I'll just sit here and sob ;-)

LUCIEN said...

REINHADT's muscles in in bondage - has that certain je ne c'set quoi

-Fab- said...

Your drawings are ansome!
So sexy & poetic, I'm sure you use "painter", it looks like hand done! By the way, I like those guys big chest but why not bigger balls or put more lighting on it?

Thanks for sharing.