Saturday, May 8, 2010

The process of creating a piece 1...

...or why is it that I`m so damn slow at this, lol.

Lately, I recived a few mails asking to see what is the process I follow to make a picture.
Although I don`t really have any secret techinque or anything I`d be glad to share this process, if anyone is interested.

So, here`s how it goes...

I`ve had this pic for quite a while, and now I`ve finally have the time to color it, yay!! Please forgive the sloppy pencil work, it`ll be less noticeable once the color starts kicking in

I saw this pose on another artist`s website, hope he/she doesn`t mind. Of course, I changed the angle, position and overall placement, I wanted this kid to have a " come hither" look while showing off that booty heh heh

The composition is sorta cheesy, but I`ll try and make it more intersting with some strong contrast, (or at least I`ll try)

Stay tuned for next post, when I`ll lay down the basic color scheme

see ya then


Tommy said...

This looks really promising, do love your work and a new piece is good news.

witomski said...

Obviously, you've been a busy very glad you've found some time to, love, love your work!.....Joe

witomski said...

Have you stopped posting at y!gallery?....thanks...Joe

Abs said...

Thank you, hope you like it when is finished!

YEah, he he he, I really missed posting here. I haven`t post in a while in Y, I guess I`ll eventually will, if I find a pic worth posting

DEVILMAN said...

I always love to see the proces of other people art!!! Specially the sketch part
Some people think this is easy, but in fact, draw one of this ilustrations take a lot of time xD