Sunday, February 14, 2010

just an odd practice

I posted this picture in Y gallery as a valentine`s day card

It was a experiment. I`m kinda used to the same pose in most pics, so I thought " hey, let`s see how slutty we can make a gymbot look before he looks like a queen", dunno if I pulled it off though, lol

Still, I needed a real badass character for this attempt, so here`s Demitri Maximoff, asking for it


DEVILMAN said...

Oh great job!!!
Those pecs are just soo eatable

WTJohn said...

good job
hes soo hott ^_^

K3rry said...

Hey !
i love this picture, and happy Valentine's day to you by the way, and i'm sorry to hear about the y! thing.

J said...

I think the world needs more Demitri fanart.
Thanks for the great pic!

Abs said...

Thanks a lot! I really wanted to flaunt that part of his body

Thanks a bunch

Thank you so much.
Meh, one more pic to add to the pile of "controversial" art

Yeah, I would like to see more stuff on this hunk. I`m glad you liked it

Debbie said...

Tee-hee-hee. He's smackable.

FMX said...

We must have more fan art of him. i am so suprised such a sexy character has gone under everyone's radar.

mi-tiempo said...

Heyyooo! First time commenting, I stumbled across your work a few months ago. Definitely up my alley; huge pec fetish (I think it comes from some residual boob obsession when I was a "straight" boy lol) but this y! shit is bulllll. They're seriously tripping over what deserves to be shown. I read through your whole blog/y! gallery, is there another place you have any more work? You have no idea how long it took me to maximize the few images I started with to read the absolutbleu label hahahaha much love!

witomski said... your new logo....Joe

Abs said...

Lol, thanks

Yeah, me too
I would love to see your take on DImitri BTW :P

Whoa, thank you soo much.
I`m glad you decided to drop me a lin3 (and meet another huge pec enthusiast!)
Sadly, I don`t have any more art, it`s all posted here or at Y!. In any case, I´ll try to post more often, and make my logo bigger

Thank you, I`m glad you liked it

wsxwhx741 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................