Wednesday, May 12, 2010

and now, some shade...

I found that large patches of light define the shapes better than a bunch of small patches here and there....
It`s also SUPPOSSED to make the rendering easier, but I always have troubles deciding wich parts to shade ( I wanted to shade that tricep so bad but it lookd awful)

I decided to add a single strong light source, it hits his back and butt.
I`m starting to render water, sand and scales. The tail´s fins look a bit odd, I guess I`ll change it again later. The skin-fish tail division is also bugging me, but it will be on of the last parts I work on, so bear with it for a while

Anyway, is slowly coming together. Some reflective light and speculars should do the trick

Yay, halfway there!
Good thing about dark layouts: I barely need to do shading
Bad Thing about dark layouts: I will spend double the time adding reflections...XP
You`ll see what I mean next time...

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