Friday, May 14, 2010

Sea Food!

And, finished...
For the final touches, I added reflections and highlights to define the body. The overall picture ended up looking brighter than I expected, hmmm....-_-
Dunno if it`s too saturated but at least the high contrast is acheived, wich was my main goal.

I liked the way the waves ended up. The tail looks a bit skinny for this guy´s frame, but I liked the texture of it

So, there you go.
The process I go thru to create a piece.
Of course, I go back a bunch of times to fix all kinds of parts, maybe with more practice I´ll learn to work at a faster pace

Anyway, hope you like it


Zeldrin said...

Looking splendid, man

Eric Arvin said...


Izuan said...

I love mermans and yours is so hot! Hope you will produce more of them ^_^

witomski said...

Spectacular! Worth the wait!....Joe

eeks said...

really nice work. and by the way, thanks to have shared this "step -by step"

Tommy said...

Its beautiful, great job

Abs said...

You think so? thank you very much

Eric Arvin:
Thanks!! and your title fitted prefectly, don`t you think?

Thank you. I love mermen, wish there were more depictions of them arond the web

Thanks for waiting, I tried to work a bit faster on this one :P

not at all, thanks for watching

Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed doing this one

Jesse said...

Wonderful! That was very cool getting to see your process there. Mmmmmm, hot merman. <3 I hope no one eats HIS flesh for immortality!

Iceman Blue said...

I just love mermen! thanks!

Sims 3 said...

Very good pictures!! Can you help me? pLease answer!! E-mail:

naruto uzumaki said...

I love sushi :)

Check some cute merman on my blog :)

Serge Vodomy said...

damn it's so beautiful I stuck with my drawings on 2nd, 3rd level.
Thanks for shearing things like this.