Tuesday, May 11, 2010

moving on to coloring

Here I layed down the basic scheme.
As I said in the last post, the pic is already too cheescake to add a sunset color hue, so I went for a night setting instead, I also think it looks sexier, what do you think?:P

So, the palette is very limited, bunch of blues and pale purples, then just a dip of yellow for skin and highlights.
Here`s the basic idea. I chose bakground colors in harmony with this guy`s color palette.
I like it, but is sorta flat

So, I went ahead and greyed most of the colors out. I know I lost a lot of details in the background, but look how deep and rich his skin looks (Yumm...)

Now, the color match is more or less achieved. I may change some of the colors ahead, but won`t be as drastic.

Next time, I`ll start sketching shadows and basic lights, hope to see you then


Nerites said...

I love it.

Big butt and strong muscles.
Nothing beats that.

Cannot wait to see how the rst of the coloring goes.


Eric Arvin said...

Mmmmm. Sea food :-)

Zhu said...

OMG I love Merman XD

Tommy said...

Its really interesting to see how you start building on layers.

witomski said...


randydave said...

more more more!

Abs said...
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Eric Arvin said...

LOL. Sure!

Abs said...

I couldn`t agree more!
Hope the coloring does justice to that rump...

Eric Arvin:
OMG, I love that!!!
can I use it as title when the piece is finished??

Yeah, they are teh secks!lol

I try to work from bottom to front, but sometimes I can`t figure wich is wich

I wouldn`t mind eating that raw

Almost! I`ll post the shaded version shortly...