Sunday, July 20, 2014

Rycel Abused

So, I decided to re-do an old pic of mine, hopefully making a bit more detailed, and less controversial. Dunno if any of you remember, but this pic was taken down for the abusers looking too young, so instead, this is a bunch of horny teenagers molesing Rycel on a park,  although a guy running in that outfit is literally "asking for it"


BubbleButtLuvr said...

Another great image with great detail. The fantasy of the large rumped overmuscled hero being molested by a group of boys in their late teens is a big fantasy of mine. The look on Recel's face is priceless.

KEPLER23BCN said...

I love it when a guy is left of those do everything lol

Anonymous said...

This is such an incredibly hot fantasy and depiction! I remember the original and it was already incredible. I would love to see a whole comic devoted to these boys abduction and abuse ;)

Abs said...

Thanks a lot! Your description made the whole pic! Thanks man!

Lol, some guys just go with the floe

Thank you so much man! I actually have another couple of pics about this image, I may post it sometime later

Anonymous said...

I remember the original, I like this one more. Rycel is adorable.