Monday, January 25, 2010

the new soccer captain

Just what the team needed to get their spirit up


Peter said...

Just the fun they have in the showers afterwards *wink*

witomski said... it, love it, love it. I hope you see a series in this one! HOT!....Keep up the great wrok....Joe

Eric Arvin said...

Love the face on the guy in the back!

WTJohn said...

yep every team needs a guy like him ^_^


I'll say...

icy said...

Wow... i wanna be the team's nerd who manage everything and calculate the stats XD that the Cap has to be friend with me and follow up lots of things with me in private XD

Abs said...

I don`t think they even made it to the showers

Thank a lot!
I do have another piece on the works

Well, I just pictured what kind of face I would do If I saw a teammate like that :P

Makes the practice that much interestin


yeah, and this cap´n really knows how to make all team mates feel appreciated

bearhunterfl said...

that's awesome your style! keep 'em cumming!

BubbleButtLuvr said...

Beefy straight athletes in skimpy revealing clothing are a huge turn on for me. This one gets my fantasies churning.

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