Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Stripper Night C

Remember guys, this kind of touching is inappropiate, no matter how big and round is the dancer´s butt, or how much he´s asking for it, don´t finger them! It´s rude!


Jubell said...

Are you trying to teach your fans proper stripper etiquette? Is it still wrong if we keep out pinky out and napkin neatly folded?

(lol, I'm j/k)

Lucky Stallion said...

One day, when I'm rich enough to, I'll open my own stripper etiquette school for gentlemen.

I expect it to be packed! It and the thongs. >:D

Karoline KD A. said...

Oh my...That ass. Really good work!

Dragonslair said...

Best Job!!! I'm a great fan of you!!!!

Abs said...

Well, you always need to keep the pinky out and a napkin at hand, just in case

Lucky stallion:
Owww, great Idea! I hope you have night courses too!

Karoline KD A:
Thank you!!
It´s my forte! :)

Thank you so much! Stay tuned! I´ll be posting new pages very soon

Arion said...

Great sequence and sexy strippers. I'm loving it!

eduardo said...



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