Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speed paint 5 : Cumrag Yamcha

yeah, he he he
take that

Normally I´m all about filling up the stud´s hole, but I think Yamcha´s back and ass cheeks look good in glazing...

Anyway, here´s my last cel shade practice.
Hope you guys enjoyed it.


Mindtrip said...

Fucking hot!!!
But after talking about filling up his hole
(you are a man after my own heart)
your fans cry out for an... er.. alternate ending.

DEVILMAN said...

Pretty sweet!!!! Again i like a lot the cum coming out of his hole *_*

Debbie said...

Hee hee, someone made a sticky mess!

Lucien said...

Yes Mindtrip said it just right !
More of this please!

oceanboy47 said...

GREAT!!! HOT!!! and give us more.
Another great picture

Thiago said...

Sweet! Got me hard ass hell!

K3rry said...

Really hope you do more of these Speed Paints in the future, because they were really great. This one is simply delightful! So sexy! And i love the cum shooting out of his buns. :D