Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy new year you guys!


Mindtrip said...

Very whimsical and sexy.

Eric Arvin said...

Happy New Year to you as well! Love those bunnies.

Jubell said...

So THIS is how New Year's looked at your house...

eeks said...

Happy new year to you as well!
the guy in the middle could not be in a better place!

copycatloki said...

Happy New Year to you too =D

Tommy said...

Nice work, love to be one of those bunnies...some day.

Thiago said...

WOW! Lucky bastard the guy in the middle!

Fuzz said...

These two bunnies could keep me happy and well fed well into June. As always, great tits, great ass. Never too big.

techdeco monk said...

as always thanks!

Nemo said...

I love the way you do pinups; very sexy even without any frontal nudity. The bunnies seem to bee missing there fluffy tails though Xp
Still, I wouldn't mind letting them hump me like rabbits lol!

@ Tommy:
So, you want to be a stripper bunny huh? That's cool, I'll let you hop up and down on my lap any day XD

Abs said...

THank you so much

Eric Arvin:
Thanks a lot Eric. Happy NY to you too!

hummm, yeah
isn´t how it´s supposed to look like?

Lol, so true. No better way to receive 2011 than smothered in bulging pecs

>hugs< thnk you so much!

Hey, let me see you with collar and cuffs, you may already be there ;)

Lol, everyone should have a pair like those at homes

Thank you so much! I agree with you, it´s never too much tits and ass

techdeco monk:
no, thank you :)

Sheesh, I know. I could have added a belt or thong with tails, but I liked the unashamed nudity better

bellasella said...

Happy new year! and...yum!

oceanboy47 said...

Happy New Year!!!!
Wishing I knew one these bunnies.

Nemo said...

@abs: Yeh, unashamed nudity is great. if anything it makes the situation even hotter. Thongs wouldn't be necessary; all I was really thinking was that they could have tails glued to their cute little backsides XD. I mean, for all we know they could be demi-humans LOL.

But even without the tails this is still a super hot pic as always. Thanks for sharing it man!

x5_lynch said...

happy new year
soo happy and sexy year :P

DEVILMAN said...

Lol i love those smiles!!!! And the could get lose on those meaty asses

I hope you had happy holidays x3!!!

Unknown said...

Lordy! This needs a follow up or eight!

Something super sexy about that.