Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Speed paint practice

It´s so awesome to see some artist´s speed when creating and coloring a piece.
I struggle a little with how fast I can complete a pic. So I decided to go back to the basics and work my way from there.

So for my model, I picked Yamcha from Dragon Ball. There´s an unusual lack of material from this guy, so I´ll be getting some practice and making a small contribuition to this hunk´s fandom (if any :P)

So here it is, hope you like it


Mindtrip said...

Great works as usual, Abs.
Thats one shiny juicy ass.

Eric Arvin said...

One thought: motorboat.


Robe said...

Damn, that's a fine ass! Great art too!

Sidious said...

Oh yeah! Dat ass!

And I completely agree about the there being a lack of Yamcha in the DBZ yaoi pics I always see.
I fully support you in your endeavors. ^__^

I hope you'll draw him with some of his different styles from throughout the series. I loved it when he had long hair.

Leon Yabuki said...

Well, Im just beginning as an artist, so its really complicated to actually MAKE a process to work (Colour, details, etc). Can you recomend me some tip?

AS Yamcha, I sure love to see someone to post some Voluptuous work of him *Naughty saliva comming from the mouth* ^_^

Abs said...

Lol, love how that sounds :P
Shiny juicy ass

Eric Arvin:
Damn, I should have included a pic with that !

Wow, thank you, I{m glad you liked it

He looked so damn sexy those early episodes

Leon Yabuki:
Thank you!
Although I´m really in no position to give instructions, I guess at first it helps to use large brushes for shading and use only 2 colors