Thursday, December 16, 2010

Speed paint 2 : Yamcha spreads

So basically, Yamcha has a self lubricating man pussy or grabbed a random tube of lube (like it usually happens) and offers himself to Son Goku... or something like that *lol

Man, cel-shading is hard. I really admire those guys that know how to use it. It may seem like a lot less work, but it actually forces you to edit yourself and make the most out of 3 layers or color


Tommy said...

self lubricating man phrase ever.

Mindtrip said...

It's fun when you find a self ;ubricating bottom guy... nice fun hot ride.
Great works Abs.
Loving your return to more hardcore pieces.

Jubell said...

Goku looks...confused

Leon Yabuki said...

I agree with tommy and Jubell, Goku seems like he doesent what to do with a Self lubricating Man Pussy ;D

*Naughty Hip Movements* ^0^

K3rry said...

What Tommy said XD.

I'm Happy to see you doing this, and with an underused character.

I agree about the cell shade thing. It "looks" easy, but that's about it :\
Really love this and I'm excited to see more of your speed paints !

Abs said...

He he he, has a nice ring to it, doesn´t it?

Thank you!
Honestly, I´ve yet to find a guy like that, but the search continues :P

Yeah, guess he never seen Yamcha being that slutty

Leon Yabuki:
Ha ha ha, I think he will come up with something

I know! But if you manage to handle this style, you will be able to work at a faster pace. :)