Thursday, September 30, 2010

Midnight snack

Wouldn´t it be nice, if one of those nights you just can´t sleep, you woke up, went to the kitchen and found something like this laying on your couch?

I´m bit of an insomniac, and for some reason during these sleepless hours all I can think about is horny muscle men..
Although I doubt I`m the only one who feels like that :P


mark said...

Wanted to tell you how awesome I think your art is. So very hot!! To add to your question in the last post if I may, Yea I would love to see more hard-ons, Hard core Sex. I'm obsessed with your characters Butts. The few times you have allowed yourself to show Hole wide or stuffed. Put me out of my mind! Other words, I LOVED IT. All the very best to you and thanks for the hot hot men. Khris aka Zak Spears

oceanboy47 said...

Well, you did it again. The picture is so hot. I been in the same state as of late too, meaning I can not sleep. I know for sure if this handsome hunk was in the other room, I would be fine just to be in his arms and sleep would follow or something like that. Great work and can not wait to see what is next.

Cymon King said...

Unbelievably hot! Mmmm what a nice suprise in the middle of the night ;)

I love your work bleuboys, so original and incrediably sexy!

Cy xx

DEVILMAN said...

I am glad to see more art of you!!!!!

Great job here, specially on the shadows, they help a lot for the sexy mood

Mmmm...yes, for those nights with no sleep, a guy like this would be heaven

FMX said...

Great art as always and hot idea. What a nice late night snack. Lol

Leon Yabuki said...

I would love Men at home when Im insomniac, but, a sandwich and coke will not harm nobody XD

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cuteguy said...

I like sleeping and I sometimes dream about my fave hunks flirting me and then do something dirty. Suddenly, I wake-up it's make me mad. I wanted to continue my dream again...

follow me @

Lukka said...

La, la! x3 He'd be VERY welcome to spend the night with me.... much more than my cat attacking my feet as I dream of such an unlikely situation taking place!

Excellent combination of shadow and highlight, Bleu. I feel as if I'm looking through a hole-- or window in the roof. ^__~

fuzzbuzz said...

Fuckin fantastic. So hot and beautiful. Mega hairy muscle hugs of thanks for sharing.Hardon sex art ROCKS

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