Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Now, a little poll

So, I got word from a friend he feels I may be shying away from harder stuff.
I love both hardcore and noodz, but he may have a point in that I haven´t drawn hard stuff in a while
So, post your thoughts, what would you rather see here?
Naked guys or guys getting down and dirty

Post your answer, get a cookie!

Ok, no cookie.
Get a pair of buns instead!

Man, I love ocean´s colors


mark said...

Nice, I would like to see more pics of guys asses because you are really good at it

Branchlaw said...

Unf. Dem Buns. I like both your hardcore and non, but I would like to see some more hardcore.

Leon Yabuki said...

I actually love all of your work. But, its true about the hard material.
It will be nice to see some rough stuffs more often ^_^

I actually love Mature and Masculine Guys suffering/enjoying with Anal-HUGE-insertions of any tipe.
Oh, and one more thing; I tottally support Huge-Pecs, regardless of what Y-Galley says :D

Eric Arvin said...

You KNOW this is going on my "Hot Shots"!

Tommy said...

I like your work in general so either is fine with me. I think this new picture is amazing though, nice work.

Sidious said...

I really enjoy seeing a mix of both.

Matthew said...

I wand to see lots of hardcore!!!!!!!!!! SHOW IT ALL THE TIME!!

~*Pumpkin*~ said...

i say its up to you
anything you post will be awesome to see,
keep up the good work

i like chocolate chip ^_^

DEVILMAN said...

Wowwww, i am soo impresed with the wallpaper!!! Looks awesome!!!!

The man meat is delicious but the background is soo impresive!!!!!

Oh, wath we want to see? I am not sure, hardcore porn is great but i also enjoy doing and watching solo scenes or just nudes, soo i cant chose one. Add a couple of both every once in a while is perfect xD

Ktastrofe said...

Listen carefully!

There's NO WAY you can go wrong either way!!!

You work both quite well... so basically I'm happy so long as you keep posting your beautiful art.

But if I had to choose one, and only one... hardcore would have to be... but you can still post a softcore/pin-up every now and then and I wouldn't mind it at all!

mi-tiempo said...

abs-absolutely both bleu! LOL

You could draw sofas and I would save them to my hard drive. No liez.

FMX said...

BOTH! I love your style so much that I don't care what you draw as long as YOU drew it. :)

Jubell said...

I do a lot of hardish work and people think I'm a hack.

I think that the fact that you have fans who love your work and that you do both hard and cheesecake work shows a diversity that works for you.

Do the harder explicit stuff when you're feeling it.

Zeldrin said...

I don't really mind what you do with hot guys as longas it's creative. Straight up smex or jerking off is getting rather tiresome. try to find something interesting. ;)

wisottertail said...

Definitely more hardcore . . . down and dirty even!

Lukka said...

Ktastrofe took the words from my mouth.. er, fingertips. ^^ Sugar and spice were meant to be together, so you should definitely pepper us with more hardcore material! xD

Peter said...

All of the above, can't make my mind up.

Charlie Dale said...

Since I am brand new to the blog and your incredible artwork, I love it all. HoweverI do think there is a REAL NEED for "real men" and not your cute twinkys having some "real fun"

Nemo said...

I like your drawings no matter what you do. Heck, I even like the ones of just guys in tight thongs XD

psychoboyjack said...

Down and dirty! :)

icy said...

Of cos I love big dicks XDDD But with ur talent and art, All the pics look very very very good, beautiful and erotic! :D Just do what u like!

Lucien said...

more bondage on hard core images

witomski said...

I doesn't matter! I love all of your images!

Abs said...

Ohh, don´t worry. There will be lots of them, promise.

Hope you like them buns :P

Leon Yabuki:
Ohh, don´t we all enjoy that? heh heh
Thanks for your support, I´ll be posting naughty stuff soon enough

Eric Arvin:
That would be an honor man!

Thank you very much. I´m glad you liked it

Aight. This gallery should have more variety then

Ok thank!
Chocolate chip buns....
Better not go there :P

Thanks! I really liked the way the background ended up as well. Just thought the addition of some meat would be nice

Ok then, let´s spice thing up a bit around here. BTW, thanks for all your support regarding the whole Y incident! I´ll reply your PM as soon I´m allowed again. Tnx a bunch!

Hmmm, sofa porn, huh? There´s an idea...
Thanks a lot for your comment

Oh, I love YOUR style!. Wish there was a way to convincing you of letting me post those awesome vintage pics?? Please??

What are you taking about? Everytime I browsed Y gallery´s muscle tab, your art is incredibly eye catching. I cheked each and every pic
Still, thanks a lot for commenting

I know. Maybe there´s a niche still left unexplored?

Right on!!

Well, I have more spicy pics on the works right now. Just you wait

That´s ok. Take your time

Charlie Dale
I know right. Twinkies aren´t the only ones who should be horny sluts

Hehe, awesome. Thought I was the only one who liked those

U got it!

Harold Lim said...

I love both. Just keep them cumming! Hee...

scoff69 said...

I like it all...everything you post is very hot! I almost prefer the stuff you do with two guys who are just about to "start" though...fires up my imagination in a different way from two guys who are already going!

hum-fiction said...

Hardcore is always hot, so hard core all the way!

Abs said...

Thank you so much for your comments!
I´m really glad you enjoy my stuff :)

Bondage huh? Point noted

Aww, thank you so much!

Harold Lim:
Alright then!!

You know,I love those too!
That and when the guys appear to be offering themsleves up :P

CowboyDenver said...

Some hard core would be nice!

hachibisama said...

I'd say hardcore fanart~ Let's your fav characters having crazy and great sex :)

Travis said...

definitely a heavily muscled bottom body builder getting pounded by an equally muscular body builder getting fucked by an equally muscled bodybuilder.... and so on and so forth

Guns_up_the_bum said...

I would like to see a mix of both to be honest.

Nemo said...

Yeh, I really like them believe it or not (I have sort of an underwear fetish XD )

But if you like something you should draw it no matter what people think

Musc said...

real cool :)

Guytoonist said...

You draw exceptional men. I will ogle them no matter what activity they engage in.

Patrick said...

I totally lust after all of your pictures, because they're just so sexy and fun!

That said, I would LOVE to see more hardcore from you. Your gym workout series was so hot, just as a for instance, and that's been years now!

Musclebottom said...

I love anything you do! But hardcore is hotter

damianj said...

Cocksucking & cum-eating. Never too much cum for us. Thanks for asking.

Damian & Trent

Izuan said...

I have an idea. Why don't you draw a hot muscular sailor making out with an equally hunky merman? :P

J said...

Hey, I like both your hardcore and nonhardcore stuff. The buns drawing is pretty damn hot.

Anyway, I'm 26 so I grew up in the age when things like Final Fantasy 6 was all the rage. I've noticed a distinct lack of Sabin artwork. He seems like he'd fit the bill of what you like to draw. The cutscenes from the redone version for PS1 have a shot of him as he should look. I think they didn't draw him with enough muscle.

Blair Parkinson said...

Just wanted to say I love you blog and read it regularly. I have added your link to my blog roll and hope you could do the same! My blog is http://livinghorusnudes.blogspot.com/. Enjoy your weekend and I hope to hear from you soon.


x said...

Why don't you get all those guys in softcore and make a huge orgy pic? I specially love "Those summer boys"... it would be nice to see them getting some hardcore action! YEAH!!! - or you really think that he [http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_AOy4LLUlP9w/TCYd-jK02NI/AAAAAAAAAJA/DKMvsw6KVGY/s1600/absolutbleu+-+those+boys+of+summer+2.jpg] had enough?
Not that i don't like softcore - some times is nice just ti admire a nice dick or ass(what you do best!) - but i think we can see some ACTION once and while!

oceanboy47 said...

Great picture and the colors of the ocean are just right. Like your website and look forward to next addition.


a bit of everything!!!

humbuged said...

Super hot! :D

oceanboy47 said...

Well, you are a great artist and if you want to do the naughty or the just plain hot pictures,either would be fine. I just like the great work you do.

warlockz said...

Dirty and hardcore would be nice!

Gigan said...

Very nice !! :D~

Mindtrip said...

I love your Hardcore stuff, especially your annual Christmas smut...

naruto uzumaki said...

thanks ! it's my desktop wallpaper now!

If you have some spare time check my Yaoi & gay male art blog, I'm sure you'll find some good images :)

BigBoaster said...

I love your nudes as well as your hardcore stuff, so a mix of both would be nice. But i do prefer hardcore somewhat, so.......

JockTom said...

I love this pic! The guy looks so hot on that beach when he pulls away the thong between his gorgeous ass! It's like an invitation to hard core action! ;)

This pic is sexy because it leaves the rest to your imagination. But I love the pics hat show everything too!

BubbleButtLuvr said...

I know this is an old post and the question has been answered by now but I still wanted to weigh in. I think there is something to be said for both the hard and the soft stuff. And if the soft stuff is done right, which yours is, it can be every bit as erotic as the hard stuff.