Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Your wish is our command"

Lol XD

First of all guys,I´d like to thank you for your support/comments in my previous post.
I really appreciate all the input I received , it helped a lot

So, I wanted to present a gift to you. These couple of freaks are from a show I saw a very very long time ago, Magic Knights Rayearth.

And yes, look at those pecs, they "look like breasts"!!. Look at them rubbing their racks together mwa ha ha ha

Again, thank you guys, hope you like it


Eric Arvin said...

I want to motorboat 'em... ;-)

Branchlaw said...

Hahaha, I remember Magic Knight Rayearth. This is really hot though, gotta love those pecs.

DEVILMAN said...

Magic Knight Rayearth, glad to see art of that series again
Sexy!!!! and....meaty!!

SoupGoblin said...

I don't remember these guys at all but I used to like that show, LOL.

Tommy said...

I give you a million points for a Rayearth reference, and another million points cause of the awesome sexiness.

FMX said...

lol I remember them! I bought the box set last year. Payed like $60 bucks for it. Come to find out it was remastered and released for $29!!! *gonk*
I remember Umi thought they were gross but the two princesses thought they were hot. LOL

copycatloki said...

Yes, I remember them. Those sexy pecs <3

Abs said...

Eric Arvin:
Yeah!! How awesome would it be to do that between 2 sets of pecs!

Thanks a lot!

He he he
I love my men meaty :P

Yay, 2 millions points on 1 pic.
Thanks a lot for liking it :P

YEAH, you remembered! For some weird reason Umi thought they were gross...
BTW, I found that pic of yours aout Junpei. Would you mind me posting it?:P

He he he, thanks
Glad you liked the pecs

x5_lynch said...

interesante dibujo... me recuerda bastante a los genios de las princesas del planeta árabe de la segunda temporada de las guerreras mágicas de clamp...

buen dibujo como siempre

FMX said...

oh geeeze. I found that pic too. God it was worse than I thought. it does not even look like him. horrible horrible. I am not sure if I should let that tragic mess be shown. LOL

Chris said...

This made me start lusting after Erazor Djinn from Sonic and the Secret rings which i have no rule 34 of :[

mi-tiempo said...

Yummy work Abs ;) Didn't get to state how shitty it was you got banned again in the last post - I figured everyone else covered it pretty well. But here here with Eric ~ I gotta get my titty fix still too. Never left me when I 'became' gay I guess LOL

Also, in case you don't speak Spanish, here's a translation for x5_lynch's comment:

interesting drawing... it reminds rather of the genies of the princesses of the Arabic Planet of the second season of the magic wars of the clamp...

good drawing as always

(sorry - x5_lynch, fue eso un programa de television? estoy confundido ><)

~*Pumpkin*~ said...