Saturday, July 17, 2010

Very old sketch redone

The very very first game that blew my mind was Chrono Trigger. It was awesome at the time, plus I was all about Toriyama`s musclebound men.
I remember getting really upset when my cartridge died on me and found out the game was more scarce than diamonds.

Then came Chrono Cross, the sequel. I got hyped, played half an hour and dropped it.
Ugh, some of the worst character design ever. The gameplay itself was fun, but I just couldn`t get over Nobuteru Yuki`s ugly characters. Granted his art is more sophisticated than Toriyama`s, it didn`t cut it for me

So, in a game barren of visually appealing characters, I got happy when I found out Guile and Zoah

Guile I liked most. I always pictured his outfit was sheer, and under the appropiate lighting you could see the good stuff:P


Lucien said...

How percolating super cool !

Aknaton said...

Nice blog, nice art work

Dragonslair said...

Men!!! your work is realy amazin!!! I hope someday make a complete history like Kid Christmas!!

Thiago said...

I would totally do him and Gleen, just because they remind me Magus and Frog from CT.