Thursday, July 22, 2010

Junpei fan art

This is Junpei Ryuzouji from an old anime called those who hunt elves.
I`ve seen an image of him flashing his healthy butt floating around the net, but oddly, not one porn pic of him

So if any of you guys have seen any harder pic of this fine lad, I`d very appreciate if you could point them out to me

Meanwhile, here`s my contribuition to a sadly overlooked anihunk



Leon Yabuki said...

MAN! Its beeen AGES since I saw something close to erotic of Junpei!!! >o<
I remember when I saw the serie, I was a virgin teenager who doesent know the meaning of "Bara", and fantasies with tha awsome butt!!!!! THANKS, THANKS! (OR; "Fapfapfapfap")

I really love the skin tone of Junpei, its something caracteristic of him ;)
You rock man!

Jubell said...

Wow...someone remembered that show! lol

Tommy said...

I never saw it, but I remember seeing the trailer for it when watching Tenchi Muyo.

Good like always.

FMX said...

Wow! I do remeber him. I have the first volume of the series on VHS. From what i remeber it was not too good of a series that ls why I did not buy more.
Funny think is that i drew a nude pic if him ages ago. It looks horrible now. I am sure it might be floating on the web somplace. I have a copy on a disk some where. :)

eeks said...

awesome butt!
Those who hunts elves is also a manga by Yu Yagami, and of course you can see Junpei in. Unfortunately, I haven't read the manga, but from the few pages I've seen, Junpei seems to be quite hot too in the book.

DEVILMAN said...

I will love you forever with this!!!!
This is deffinetly the first porn of Jumpei!!!! And i always wondered why, if hes such a hunk D:!

Erufo Wo Karu Monotachi was an awesome anime, i miss it soo much!!!!

Abs said...

Leon Yabuki:
Heh heh
Thank YOU for liking it.

I loved this guy skin tone as well.It´s more saturated than what I usually use but it looks so manly on him.

I know, he he

Thank you very much
I never realy saw ir either. I only started paying attention after that moonshining scene, lol

Really? you did??
Aww man, would be so awesome to see it! please please please??

ooh, thanks a lot man!
Now I can check that author and see if he has done any other cuties.
thank you

Heh heh heh.
I`m glad you liked it.
Hopefuly more people will see this stud and give him a little more attention

naruto uzumaki said...

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