Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weigh troom thoughts

I really like muscles. There`s nothing wrong with different body types, but I really prefer the view of the fully developed male physique. I think that`s pretty clear for the pics I make.
Naturally, I`ve always been a bodybuilding enthusiast, since I was a teen. I can`t say I remember staying away from the dumbells and pounding music for more than a week.

Now, I am a hard-gainer, nothing a few extra pounds on that barbell or an additional meal wouldn`t fix, or so I thought.
I know I`m not winning any Mr. Olympia title, but I`ve always thought I was ok.
Still, I can`t believe comments like - man, you look so skinny - can have such effect on oneself.
I sure hope it`s none of those muscle dysmoprhia issues and I`ve just been slacking on that diet :P

Btw, I haven`t been goofing off, I`ve just been recoloring some already finished pieces, so there are 2 of them in this post.
Pic ·1 is the same knight from my previous post. I think he`s getting desperate to get it on
Pic ·2 it`s my rendition of a fetish I so wish could be possible, Pec Fuck. Can you imagine how hot it would be to get a chest job from a set of juicy bulging pecs?


witomski said...

The usual fantastic work. Those having negative comments should really look elsewhere for their entertainment pleasure.....there is no need to explain yourself. You're a God.

Eric Arvin said...

Hot as always, you talented stud! The negative comments are hurtful, especially when you know how much time you put into your body and they...don't. I never saw myself as big as I truly was in college. I think most serious weight lifters and bodybuilders think that.

btw, I just wrote a hot gay titty fuck scene in my latest Gordy story. I'm hoping to get it published by Cleis Press. Wiah me luck!

Michael Rivers said...

Great photos! Love the Pec Fetish. I've never thought of that but now I won't forget it.

Gains at the gym are tough. I don't build muscle fast, but I always try to see the changes I have made.

I love the art you share!

Abs said...

I know. Sometimes I wonder why people always have a need to criticize.
Thanks a lot for your comment

Eric Arvin:
Exactly. It kinda feels like it negates any effort you make. Even when they mean well by saying it.

Hey, would be great to read that! I can only guess how a gay titty fuck would work, I wonder what you came up with :P

Michael Rivers:
Thank you very much! I`m glad you liked ' em.

It is rough when you work so hard, and see just minimal changes but you r right, it`s better to compare how you have improved yourelf than how you measure to others.

WTJohn said...

those are always good to see ^_^

Tommy said...

I think you do amazing work and I think its cool you are also into bodybuilding. I have been doing it for about two or so years now, and I definitely feel for you. Though you just need to raise your intensity, doing more sets and less rests...or more super sets and giant sets. You probably have heard that plenty of times but figured I would throw it out there.

Keep working hard.

Randsome7 said...

Its so obovious in all your works that YOU know the body and its huge bulberous mystique. Your body must be proud and good . and I think RIPPED is what they meant by slim - they are probably terribly jealous
Thanks for all your muscles

Abs said...

Lol, thank you very much!

Thank you very much. I`m actually starting a new training program around giant sets, hopefully I`ll be seeing more results!

Awwh, thanks a lot!
You really made my day with that comment, lol

hotcha said...

i second what randsome7 said. not to mention the insane discipline you must have to keep up going to the gym every single week, damn! Kudos.

i've been watching your blog for ages now but i never had a google account set up! i tried to leave some comments but they wouldn't go through, hehe. i wanted to say on an earlier post of yours that i know how irritating it can be to get art requests from people wanting to see drawings of guys that aren't even remotely similar to what you would normally draw. don't let it bother you. i just see it as someone who enjoys your art who may not be aware of the amount of effort that goes into creating pieces. take it as a compliment!

your stuff is really hot! muscle boys forever!

damianj said...

The guy with all the cum looks great, mostly 'cause he's having so much fun. Yeah, pec-fuckin' is hot!

Stay with training. It's impressively obvious when a guy sports a trained body, no matter what body type. We both train, & we don't care if anybody does not like it.

One thing to keep in mind, tho, since you train often, is that overtraining can slow your gains. We sometimes take a break for a week or two, & our muscles look better for it.

Damian & Trent

Anonymous said...

love it, love it, love it!!
you really draw right to my's like you're inside my head, man :-P
I'd love to give a "pearl necklace" to a guy with big pecs just like your drawing depicts! Keep up the good work.

zamri malek said...

wow amazing

zamri malek said...

wow amazing

barrypex said...

Having a set of pecs large enough to be fucked would be a dream come true,

Anonymous said...

I just discovered you today and wishing you all the best in creativity and bodybuilding. Remember, we're thinking clear and right and thank God we have the best taste and love bodybuilders.

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