Monday, August 26, 2013

Stripper Night E

final pages!


Lucky Stallion said...

Man, what a hot story. I loved every panel! Many thanks for posting it! :D

Anonymous said...

This story is your hottest work of art so far!! Love it! The big butt stripper could be me ;)

Abs said...

I´m so glad you liked it!

Lol! That´s true! Almost same size!

Anonymous said...

great work man!! i loved every piece of it!! keep going!!!

Nemo said...

HOT! I kinda hope these two get together as a couple.

Anonymous said...

Really really hot! You need to make more work!
You should post stories on Gaydemon as well!
I love how slutty and beefy the guys are, keep it up!

Blogger said...

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