Tuesday, October 18, 2011

500 Followers! Thank you guys!

Guys, I really appreciate it.
I started drawing just for me, because I´ve always had a busy mind when it comes to muscle men doing the nasty. And to me, if only two or three people enjoy my stuff, that´s more than enough to keep me going.

So, seeing these many friends interested in my posts really boosts me to keep creating and improving.

Thank you very much.


JockTom said...
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Eric Arvin said...

You talented sexpot! Congrats on the popularity! Well deserved :-)

Dukiwo said...

always urs pics will be sexy and hot...

The Pregnant Guy said...

No, thank you! Your art has brought 500 people a lot of pleasure (probably of the white, warm, and sticky kind).

Vic Gen said...

I can't wait for the day you start making cartoon animations, that would be awesome!

Kendi said...

I second everything above! (It's Kendall from facebook, just added you!) I definitely eat up everything you put out! Uh...ya that's what I meant lol

Canon Stuff said...

i really admire your work i would love to see you drawing things like antrhos, because with that talent of yours i bet you can do amazing stuff in that area! keep it up man, you really are one of the best artists i know

JockTom said...

Your pics are a great motivation to stay in shape and be sexy. ;)
BTW: The cum drippin' down on the hunk's big pecs is an amazingly hot detail!
Thank you for great art!

luvsMbig said...

yeah love that huge studs dripping cock as he deep throats that dick, and all that yummy cream on his big muscle tits lucky hunk.

Abs said...

EricArvin: Thank you so much man, it really means a lot. Dukiwo: Thank you! I hope they stay that way.
The Pregnant guy: Lol thank you! That´s the reaction I´m aiming for every time I post something.

Vic Gen:I wish! Maybe some day there will be a way of making easier and cheaper cartoon movies

Kendi: Hey Kendall! Thanks for commenting.

Canon Stuff: Thanks a lot. I´ve dabbled a little into anthro before (Big fan of Rei and Cray) but not really got into it. I prefer to leave the furry sexiness to the pros

Thank you so much! A lot of pieces from other artists get me pumped up for working out, so thank you so much for saying this

Lol, yeah! He´s really going for it

Tommy said...

I have loved your work since I first saw it, and was like...oh this guy gets me, he draws the guys I want to be.

I have big and often crazy dreams I guess.

Congrats again though, best of luck always.

Abs said...

Wow man.
He he he, would love to see you when you reach your goal. Crazy sexy muscular stud!
Thank you so much for your words

JHP Miky said...

Please xchange links with me!!! :P

Thiago said...

Congrats, man! But the ones that should be thanking are us, the guys that really love appreciating your job!

Tomas said...

Your art has always inspired me and you draw such sexy guys, I know I haven't commented much lately but I always check your blog for updates, keep up the good work!

KEPLER23BCN said...

Hello boy!!!!

you want exchange the links?


one kissss


when I first saw this awesome erotic image I thought of a man, (hustler named HUGE in Las Vegas)who was 6'4" 245#, 3% body fat,9", completely lazered hairless who was looking for a Body Building Contest Sponser. I see such a story in your drawing, as he pays back the Sponsor everyday for his help and support!!