Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fun fact about Chris Redfield

Did you know?

This butch kid loves his capuccinos?

on a side note, I just learned this is a trend lol!


Eric Arvin said...


bone-beef said...

Nice timing, my lucky day!

I hope you saw Chris' new art for Revelations and Mercenaries. Mm, mm, good~

And because your last pic was of Demitri:

And some Victor, because DAT ASS, baby!

lol Hope you've enjoyed my nerdgasm. And keep it up, lovin' it!

Thiago said...

Perfection, man!
Look at those eyes begging for more!

Good Job.

baldwolf said...

That is sooo freakin' HAWT!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Someone's been a naughty boy, and getting his mouth washed out with all that soap. Goodness, that's not soap!

Gninrom said...

Okay let's try one more time!

HAWT! But when i think about it, your artwork always is!! <3

PS: go ahead and trash those earlier deleted comments... Why do they even still show up there O_รด?

DEVILMAN said...

Oh Chris, he looks soo good with all that cream over him!!!!!

I love his face expression and your last Demitri artwork was soo awesome!!!!

Abs said...

Eric Arvin:
He he, thank you man!

Aww, awesome sprites!!
Specially that SD demitri set, great buns!
And of course, love seeing Viktor working that ghetto booty

Thank you
I really wanted to see how Chis would look in a complete sexed-out face:p

Not at all, glad you liked it

but he has still been a naughty boy

ha ha ha
Thank you very much man...
That double post thing happens to me a lot too, I wonder what would that be

Chris´face it´s sooo difficult, he has man and boy features at the same time, I hope people are able to recognize him :P

oceanboy47 said...

Thanks for the beautiful picture. It has been too long since the other one. The snack looks so great and eyes tell it all.

Abi said...

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Leon Yabuki said...

I feel like im not alone in the world now *w*

bearhunterfl said...

love your work, and this one is particularly nice!


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