Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dimitri Maximoff feeding time

The lord of the vampires stumbles upon a new source of nourishment...
- ... not quite as bountiful as blood, but definitively tastier, and people are more willing to spare some -



Leon Yabuki said...

Man, I love how you can make sluttier man-ginas, and still be manly! ^3^

Tommy said...

I do love that you draw Dimitri, considering he gets like no art other wise.

Damn shame, but it looks great as always.

Anonymous said...

mmmm manginas, big ol' tits, and cum everywhere...please marry me? lol

randydavenyc said...

do you know you're drawing porn actor Skye Woods' bubblebutt and other things? like the others commented, his slutty man-cunt and big ole titties?!

Jon said...

I may be late, but hey, I am here... So glad to know that you have a blog. I hope to see more of your work.. Amazing.

Abs said...

Thank you so much! It takes a really men´s man like Demitri to pull off big time slut! lol

I know right? Considering you can see his bulge and ass in all the games you would assume there would be more smut of this fella

ohh ohh, thank you
But this is so sudden, I can´t make up my mind... (lol)

Busted!! he he he
Actually, blog-buddy Eric Arvin once posted Woods´ ass saying it looked like one of my drawings, quite a compliment actually...
Thank you very much

Thank you very much
I´m so glad to see you here!
Feel free to browse all the nastiness around :P

Thiago said...

Wow...The lil cocksucker seems very happy with his source of nourishment.
I just love hungry men-whore.
Good job man!
Come to Brazil next carnaval to see a lot of slut men in slut outfits waiting for that!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Damn! I like this pic: Big muscles, big cocks, a lot of cum, and a big smile on Dimitri's face! He sure loves his new source of food!